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English Cakes and Desserts

Recent surveys of visitors to the UK show that people are more complimentary about English food than they used to be. The food now has much more variety and the quality has improved as well. In the East of England new restaurants and cafes have opened in recent years, both in the towns and on the coast. Make sure you sample the delights they have to offer, and always leave a little room for a dessert at the end of your meal. You will not be disappointed! Afternoon Tea is a great tradition and there are some wonderful places in our region to enjoy this combination of sandwiches, cakes, scones and tea or coffee. Many cakes are covered with icing and some have special designs or messages on them. You can even get a photograph put on the icing of a cake if you want to give somebody a personal treat. Here is a picture of an iced cake, in this case to celebrate a 40th anniversary at the Cambridge Academy of English.

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