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Experience the stunning Norfolk and Norwich Festival!

Norwich has a wealth of festivals all year round and one of the biggest and best is the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, running this year from 8th to 24th May. This is one of the oldest surviving arts festivals in the UK and takes in literature, music, dance, film, outdoor performance and visual arts.

At Norwich Study Centre (Flying Classrooms) our social organiser encourages and helps our students to experience the local culture in many different ways and attending one of the diverse arts events at the N&N Festival is a great way to see Norwich as a local and at the same time see international artists performing.

As well as watching there are lots of ways that you can take part in the Festival. This year there are opportunities for all ages, regardless of experience, to perform in key productions. Or you can join up and volunteer as a steward, and see the festival for free while meeting all kinds of people.

Our school is right in the heart of Norwich so students are in the thick of the action. Enjoy!

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