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Magna Carta comes to Bury St Edmunds

In May 2014 The Lincoln Magna Carta will come to Bury St Edmunds Cathedral to help commemorate the swearing of an oath by the Barons to confront King John. Bury is one of one a few towns to be fortunate enough to have the Magna Carta on display.

St. Edmundsbury plays a very important role in the history of the Magna Carta role. It is believed that on November 20, 2014, St Edmund’s day a group of Barons met in St. Edmunds Abbey Church and swore an oath to compel King John to accept The Charter of Liberties, a proclamation of Henry I.

The stunning Cathedral will display the Magna Carta which will be avialbale to view by school and the public. This month will be one of great educational value for locals and vistors including those visiting us here at Bury Language School. We will encourage our students and group leaders to visit the Magna Carta as part of our Bury St Edmunds tour. Where possible class work will be centred around this historic artefact, giving students the opportunity to learn more about it and also about Bury St Edmunds. Director of Studies Robert White said “this will bring history to life for our students”.

The town is hosting a variety of other events designed to celebrate the link with the Magna Carta including the colourful sound and light experience. Local radio stations will also be present in the town to produce coverage for the event.

All in all this will be a fantastic learning opportunity for the town of Bury and the students lucky enough to be visiting Bury Language School during the same time as the Magna Carta.

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