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Students baking Cornish pasties in Cambridge!

Our last entry in this news section was about our students baking scones as their afternoon activity! Not all our activities revolve around food, though we always find that cooking and eating together is a great way to get to know each other and encourage team-work. Recently, for the first time ever, our students here at Central Language School had a 'Cornish pasty Bake-Off' (with our very own teacher James from Devon!). It was very successful and we all got to taste the delicious pasties the next day.
Other social activities we have recently done are: bikes rides along the River Cam to have a drink in a village pub at the end; going on the train to visit Ely; ten-pin bowling; volleyball; climbing up over 100 steps of Great St Mary's Church tower to see the beautiful view of Cambridge.
We are looking forward to Spring and then Summer, hoping for warmer weather, when we can do many outdoor activities with our students, the best one being punting on the River Cam!


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