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A disability should not prevent you coming to Cambridge to learn English!

Central Language School Cambridge welcomed Grégoire from Paris for 6 months in 2019. Despite being completely blind, Grégoire was able to get fully involved in school life and Cambridge life. He enjoyed having a beer or two in the many local pubs, cycled on a tandem along the Cam River, went and enjoyed tea in the Grantchester orchard, went to some London musicals, experienced a very tactile Escape Room adventure, learnt how to do the Scottish Ceilidh dance, played cricket in one of Cambridge’s many beautiful parks (as well as badminton and volleyball) celebrated his 27th birthday and passed his Cambridge First exam. He also connected with Camsight and enjoyed sport with them as well as attending one of their cookery courses. He taught our students some braille, and (with all other students blindfolded) played goal ball and “the blind game” with them where he helped them navigate entrances, exits and space.  Grégoire stayed with the same host family for 6 months and in that time his terrific sense of smell allowed him to sample many of the different restaurants in the middle of Cambridge!

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