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International Cafés in Cambridge for free conversation, food and fun!


Central Language School Cambridge is fortunate to be right in the centre of Cambridge and therefore close to the Café events offered to international students in the city. Friends International, run by Christians in Cambridge, works tirelessly to help students integrate into the community by offering international cafés throughout the year. Every Thursday evening for example, Friends International run the Barn Café which offers special activities such as quizzes, sports, art workshops, cultural evenings and food and drink tasting as well as optional Bible studies.

International students can also go to English Corner on Tuesday afternoons (also run by Friends International) to practise their English, make new friends and enjoy conversation.

This week, our students joined the Friends International team at the yearly Bonfire Night and enjoyed the spectacular firework display. Every year on 5 November you can hear the chant “Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot..”, to commemorate Mr Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. After the firework display, international students from around Cambridge went to warm up at the Barn Café where they enjoyed free soup and hotdogs!

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